Article / 23 January 2020

Artist Interview: Aron Visuals | Digital Artist

Let me introduce you to Aron A.K.A. AronVisuals, he is a 22 years old from North Macedonia. He is a digital Artist since 2018 and in this interview we will talk about his art, process and dreams.

What are your strength and weakness ?

As an artist my strength would be never giving up, even when I know it’s not really working, I will go back at it, time and time again until I am happy and proud of this!

My weakness would be that I can sometimes almost send myself into a trance looking at an artwork over and over again which can become a bit obsessive and tiring. I think it's because I cannot bear to fail at something that is so important to me and my mind wants perfection. That's why I can spend so much time just looking into details until my mind says ''YES THAT'S IT ARON''.

What was your process to create this artwork ?


First of all, I sketch things how I want to look like on paper or even in my mind. Then I start searching stocks that I want to be the main subject and everything similar about the story. Yeah sometimes I can spend a lot of time but in the end it worth it. The easy thing is that now I have Nomad Photo Reference and some overlays also.

Then works begin! The time of my work depends, sometimes it is 2 hours, sometimes it is 6 hours or more or days.

I always prefer to wake up with a fresh mind and see what I did and what I can do more. Before I start the artwork I always write a story. Whether it is a real one from life or my imagination, it makes it more interesting to read and see my artwork at the same time.

In the past I did this too but never shared any,  I don't have any idea why, but I feel like I have an imagination that can create million artworks and for sure from now on every one of them will have a story written with my posts! The funnier part of my process is blending. In the end when I see the before/after,  it’s unreal even to me, haha, always makes me happy! Then I create a step by step video and that's it. As I mentioned, many times I am not doing good, like into creating till end and the best way is to go away leave it and than come next day!


Now let’s go to artwork and story !

The story of this edit is a gift for my friend. It's a pretty sad story actually, that when she was a kid, she loved to play music with her grandfather,

who thought her everything, they even wrote songs together. But unfortunately he passed away right after they started writing a special song.

She didn't gave up on music and finished the song the best she could. The edit represent a night when she decided to write another part of their song and bird represent soul watches her creating music with a lot of magic everywhere!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

What is usually the most difficult part of your art process and how do you overcome it ?

The most difficult is for sure searching free stocks that is great like for artwork and than in past was the blending but now I do perfection with blending every time that blows my mind to be honest always. I think its all about practicing and learning as much as you want to become better and also I was someone who never watched any YT videos and follow like to create same stuff. The only from Julius courses I got some secrets and than I learn on my own blending with practicing every day its all about lighting, shadows, colors, etc the more you practice than more you will learn. As I mentioned, most difficult is the details for me, sometimes my mind is crazy that I can like something and after or like its done something is not good and than I'm going back till something CLICK and yeah that's it. I can spend hours just cleaning details till perfection for me.It's a good thing but not always.

Who are your favorite artists ?

Hmm favorite artist, that's definitely the only one Julius Kahkonen but also photographer Bryan Adam Castillo.

Since before I have started into this creative world I was always fascinated about their works for real even today still.

They really motivated me in the past to start doing magic in my works even when I was photographer simple.

What inspires you ?

My inspiration are coming from a lot of things like. Sometimes from books I have read, and especially from genre of music because I listen to metal rock and that harmony and symphonic melodies are amazing. Sometimes I can just listen to instrumentals of some songs and creating in my mind while closing my eyes, and also dreams, even imaginations before I sleep or simple life.

When someone appreciates what you’re doing, it motivates a lot, it does not only stroke your ego It means that your work is important and you’re contributing to something meaningful. Also the most important inspiration for me though, is from feeling emotions. The art and creating really save my life in worst time its like a new planet where I can go whenever I want and stay forever and always feeling happy.

What is your art dream ?

My art dream is to always create and hope forever without getting burn out or blockade like even its normal to happens sometimes but well hope to not destroy like my passion for long. To become known with my style and art and popular in my country and more.

To my supporters have my shirts and prints in their rooms. To create a lot of clients work and make them happy too. To teach people who want to learn my skills. My art dream was to get on Photoshop page and even this happened on my beginning 2019 and after that many more times. This moment when you see your art supported by Photoshop page is amazing and my dream is to take over of their page and who knows maybe one day with my art to get on front cover of Photoshop program! Also to have exhibition with my creations where people can see everything in real. I want when people see my art to feel happiness, dreams come true, love and to be recognized with my style.

What's next for you ?

I have in plans to create so much this year and to challenge more and more myself into different styles and themes.

Also in plans to open my site and very different and unique shop official than also will teach in my country people and show them my skills.

I want to have my exhibition of creations in the center of city. There is a lot projects personal and client works coming this year and I'm very excited about every all plans and goals I have.

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