Free guide to create quality Photo Reference Packs

In this tutorial I explain step by step some easy techniques to create quality photo reference packs, my workflows to save time and I give you some marketing tips.

Thankfully you will learn that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to make and sell good photos. You just need to know a few basic rules about art and photography which you can learn and apply today.

This guide compiles many lessons and tips I would have loved to know when I started and I have written it for:

  • Photo reference pack creators who want to enhance the quality of their products.

  • People who want to start doing that but don’t know how.

  • And people who want to learn the basics of Photography.

This is just my experience and not a divine rule to be successful in creating and selling photo packs. 

However, I have been on the Artstation marketplace since day one and I am able to make a living doing this activity alone. So I should be able to teach you a thing or two.

Have a good read and I hope it will help you create better content :)


1. Photography 101

  • The most important camera setting
  • Turn around your subject
  • Stability
  • Photo selection

2. Photoshop setup

  • Plugin: Camera Raw
  • Adobe Digital Negative Converter (optional)
  • Setup your Camera RAW interface

3. Photoshop RAW edit 101

  • Detail panel
  • Lens Corrections panel
  • Straightening the horizon
  • RAW edit 101
  • White balance
  • Auto mode
  • Exposure
  • Contrasts

4. Second pass of deletion

5. Batch workflows

  • Batch editing
  • Batch saving

6. Marketplace tips

  • Choose your target
  • Create a free product

7. If you want to go further

  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Camera gear
  • Monitor calibration
  • Advanced Renamer
  • PureRef
  • Tutorial: Visual Storytelling

8. Final Words


  • 1 PDF file
  • 44 pages

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One copy to be used by a single user.

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